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Foa, Marcello

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Corriere del Ticino - Switzerland | 24/11/2015

Why doping investigations are unfair too

The World Anti-Doping Agency Wada suspended its Russian subsidiary Rusada at the start of November owing to doping violations. On November 19 it announced that it was also investigating other countries. Wada is applying double standards, rails journalist Marcello Foa in the liberal daily Corriere del Ticino: "As I, one of just a handful of journalists, already wrote on November 9, not just Russia but other countries too were subjects of the investigations. But we learned nothing about them because the corresponding section of the Wada report was kept secret. On November 19 Wada published that section and - who would have guessed - we discover that five other countries weren't observing the new anti-doping regulations. Six other countries have been placed under observation. Only a few people, you and I, dear reader, get to hear about this. … In the collective conscience Russia remains the only bad guy. The timing of this spin-doctor operation was once again perfect. That's the way of the world when you know how to manipulate information."

Corriere del Ticino - Switzerland | 01/10/2015

Putin's resolve better than Obama's dithering

The West's anti-Assad strategy is unwise, writes Marcello Foa, journalist and CEO of Media TI-Holding, in the liberal daily Corriere del Ticino: "As long as it is led by Obama the war against the IS is just, but not if Putin declares it. The airstrikes are okay as long as they're carried out by France, but not when Russia attacks. … Double standards are being applied here, and that is unacceptable. As usual, geostrategic decisions are being made for reasons that are kept hidden from us. We don't know why the US is insisting so stubbornly on Assad's removal from power. The cause of the instability is not Assad, but the caliphate. Putin's approach calling for a Western coalition against the IS therefore seems far clearer and more convincing than the American's zigzag course. The evil that needs to be eradicated now is the fanaticism of radical Islamic minorities. The rest can wait."

Corriere del Ticino - Switzerland | 06/10/2014

Propaganda rules in Ukraine conflict

In a speech at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government, US Vice President Joe Biden said on Thursday that the US forced the EU to impose economic sanctions on Russia. A bitter truth that is not being talked about in Europe, the liberal daily Corriere del Ticino complains: "This statement has not been taken up in the press. Hardly any journalists have been able to gauge the import of Biden's comments. A grave professional error that is anything but surprising. Media can be influenced. In the US as in Europe. ... If someone says the truth, the world appears in another light than that in which the official propaganda presents it. But if the media don't report on such things, propaganda remains the alleged truth."

Corriere del Ticino - Switzerland | 10/02/2014

Swiss fight for their identity

The Swiss have voted not against foreigners but in favour of their own national sovereignty, the liberal daily Corriere del Ticino surmises: "Now please don't say that the Swiss are selfish, xenophobic or even racist. Switzerland is and remains one of the most democratic, tolerant and altruistic countries in the world. However in these times of continuous reduction of state sovereignty it still believes in the virtues of democracy and above all direct democracy. ... The vote is of a historical nature. Because it demonstrates the feelings of a growing number of European nations vis-à-vis the EU and the international institutions. Feelings that will be expressed in the European elections. ... This was not a rational but an emotional referendum. It was not a vote against but for something: for Switzerland and defending the Swiss identity.That was the goal."

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