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Florov, Nikolay

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Svobodata - Bulgaria | 01/03/2012

Nikolay Florov on the Bulgarian slave mentality

Bulgarian citizens have given themselves up to the country's corrupt, totalitarian-style political class without resistance, writes blogger Nikolay Florov on the web portal Sbobodata, criticising their lack of political engagement: "You, dear Bulgarian, prefer to send your children abroad rather than taking to the street and saying what you think. You look on while a gang of bandits, risen from the ashes of communism, shape your life and force you to live behind iron doors and barred windows. You pay your bribes without a fuss and make weak compromises because that's what the politicians want you to do. ... They treat you as if you're dumb and put on a show for you. But if you haven't realised this by now then you don't deserve any better. Because as long as you stand around with your hands in your pockets not doing anything about it, it will continue. Until one day you realise that you are living among strangers, not in your home country, because they took away your home long ago. And not just your home but that of your children, too."

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