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Feluś, Robert

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Fakt - Poland | 14/01/2016

Warsaw must not ignore warning signal

The EU's move is a clear warning to the Polish government, the conservative tabloid Fakt surmises: "Some commentators have played down the significance of the European Commission's decision. … But this is the first time the EU has ever used this mechanism. And it certainly won't show our country in a flattering light. The Eurocrats have withdrawn our status as the best pupil among the new EU members and basically put us on the penalty bench, so to speak. This is a warning signal for the PiS. It must not use its election victory or the will of the people to justify all its political moves and the way it has gone about pushing them through. After all, the Polish people didn't vote for the PiS because they wanted it to reform the constitutional court. There was certainly no talk of that during the election campaign."

Fakt - Poland | 20/11/2009

Court order an affront to Poles

The ethnic German Agnes Trawny, who was forced to leave Poland after World War II, has been granted the right by a Polish court to retake possession of her former house in north-west Poland. The tabloid Fakt is upset that the Polish authorities have allowed things to go this far: "Janek, Gustlik, Grigorij and Tomus [film figures from the 1960s] most certainly did not fight the fascists for such a Poland. We are the ones who won the war, and yet now some German or other comes along, tosses out a Polish family and takes back her house. To calm emotions somewhat, we have to remember that Agnes Trawny simply knew how to turn the chaos in Polish public life to her advantage. The Polish state requisitioned the property of the Germans who fled from this area, but it failed to record these changes in the land registry. That's what this whole thing comes down to."

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