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Fabrio, Bisera

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Jutarnji list - Croatia | 26/04/2015

Croatians should understand refugees' suffering

After the most recent refugee disasters in the Mediterranean the liberal daily Jutarnji List voices annoyance at the reaction of the Croatian public: "We here in Croatia were also desperate when the war hit us. We got angry at people who switched to another channel as soon as the news started 'getting on their nerves' about these incomprehensible wars in the former Yugoslavia. Now we are behaving exactly like those whom we criticised for doing precisely the same thing back then. We don't want asylum seekers, we don't want to take our share of the burden, we don't want to be part of such projects. ... So far a thousand people from Syria have applied for asylum in Croatia and most of them have been rejected. The poor people on the capsized boats probably wouldn't have been any better off if they had made it all the way here."

Jutarnji list - Croatia | 10/10/2013

China worried about loans to US

The Chinese Premier Li Keqiang urged the US government to end its budget dispute during the Asean summit in Brunei. As America's biggest creditor, China now fears that the US could default on its loans, the liberal daily Jutarnji List stresses: "China has always seen its generous purchases of foreign debts as a gentlemanly gesture that helps those in need. But the gentlemen doesn't suddenly want to find himself without his expensive suit just because someone else got involved in airy-fairy political or financial games. In the world of the global economy there are no gentlemen and no emotions, just nicely packaged interests. And China's interest is to penetrate deep into the international financial markets, to gain power, to grow and make profit. But it's a complete mystery to the centralist, communist China how the world's number one democracy has managed to block its own path."

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