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Escolar, Ignacio

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1. - Spain | 15/12/2015

TV debate reflects poorly on Spanish democracy

Spain's public broadcaster aired on Monday a televised debate featuring only the leading candidates of the two major parties Partido Popular (Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy) ... » more

2. - Spain | 26/11/2015

Rajoy evading real election campaign

Ahead of the parliamentary election on December 20 Spain's conservative Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy is willing to face his socialist rival Pedro Sánchez in just ... » more

3. - Spain | 22/09/2015

Divorce battle between Spain and Catalonia

Luis María Linde, chairman of the Spanish Central Bank, has threatened to freeze accounts if Catalonia decides to separate from Spain. The Catalan president, Artur ... » more

4. - Spain | 10/02/2015

Ignacio Escolar on Mediterranean as mass grave

A photo by Spanish photographer José Palazón taken last autumn shows refugees attempting to scale the border fence between Melilla and Morocco, while two golfers ... » more

5. - Spain | 19/11/2014

Parties just playing at transparency

The major Spanish parties Partido Popular and PSOE agreed on Tuesday to publish the total cost of their MPs' travel expenses without details every three ... » more

6. - Spain | 09/10/2014

Spain's authorities can't deal with Ebola

Teresa Romero, the Spanish nurse infected with the Ebola virus, learned of her own disease from the press, she explained in an interview on Wednesday. ... » more

7. - Spain | 30/09/2014

Cañete must not be Environmental Commissioner

Environmental activists have called for protests ahead of today's EU Parliament hearing of Miguel Arias Cañete, Commissioner-designate for Climate Protection and Energy. Cañete, former Spanish ... » more

8. - Spain | 14/05/2014

Tweeting left didn't murder Spanish politician

Malicious comments on Twitter about the murder of Spanish politician Isabel Carrasco have prompted Spain's Interior Minister Jorge Fernández Díaz to demand more stringent controls ... » more

9. - Spain | 05/05/2014

European elections: a counterweight to Merkel in sight

It looks very much like for the first time the leading candidate of the strongest party in the European Parliament will become the new president ... » more

10. - Spain | 21/11/2013

Madrid criminalises demonstrators

The Spanish government is currently preparing a law introducing tougher measures against demonstrators and banning certain forms of protest. Ignacio Escolar, chief editor of the ... » more


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