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Ernu, Vasile

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Criticatac - Romania | 23/10/2014

Romania's Social Democrats mostly conservative

Ten days before the presidential elections in Romania the country's social democratic Prime Minister Victor Ponta has a substantial lead against the other 13 presidential candidates with around 41 percent in the polls. But the Social Democrat Ponta has conservative leanings, journalist Vasile Ernu comments on the leftist blog criticatac: "The first thing you notice about Victor Ponta's election programme is that it puts the emphasis on key elements on which the traditional and less traditional left never insisted: the new 'holy trinity' of the Romanian left is the Church, the nation and the family, watched over by capital and a pro-business spirit. ... Whereas Christian-democratic social policy is based on compassion and charity, the leftist social policy is based on the imperative of social justice and equality. But concepts like social justice or social rights are almost entirely lacking in Victor Ponta's programme."

Observator Cultural - Romania | 20/11/2008

The illusion of Romania's anti-communism

After a report by a panel of experts on the crimes of communism committed in Romania was published in 2006, a new book titled "The Illusion of Anti-Communism" also dealing with the communist legacy in Romania has appeared. Vasile Ernu, the publisher, explains the following in the Observator Cultural newspaper: "We cannot treat communism as if it were some kind of deformity, something which we were not to blame for because it came from neighbouring countries. Shifting blame and responsibility onto others is a national sport here in Romania. I have always said: the period of [Nicolae] Ceauşescu was the most monstrous, but unfortunately also the most characteristic period in the history of modern Romania. Whether we like it or not, Ceauşescu was the most important event in Romanian politics. Ceauşescu is a Romanian product through and through. He is not a natural phenomenon but a product of our culture ... . We can't wash our hands of the business, we must accept responsibility."

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