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Erinç, Orhan

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Cumhuriyet - Turkey | 09/11/2015

Autocrats in Ankara convenient for the EU

The EU Commission has put off publishing its report on the state of human rights in Turkey, which normally comes out each year in October. It's no surprise that the EU didn't want to voice criticism in the run-up to the Turkish elections, the Kemalist daily Cumhuriyet surmises: "The negotiation process with the EU was started in the name of reforms, and has now gone on for eleven years. There is a process, but there are no real negotiations. No new chapters are being opened, and those that have been opened are not being brought to a conclusion. The process that potentially leads to EU membership continues because for some it has become a source of revenue. Nevertheless, the fact that our country is quickly heading away from the accomplishments of the EU worries neither the EU's leaders nor our own. ... The EU Commission is happy to see that the process has been impeded. And it protects the AKP because it is the party that best suits its interests."

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