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Šerić, Marina

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1.  Večernji list - Croatia | 10/11/2015

Croatia's political future unclear

As neither of the two biggest Croatian parties has achieved a majority in parliament, everything points to a coalition government. But the outcome of the ... » more

2.  Večernji list - Croatia | 27/10/2015

Blair's remorse no good to Palestinians

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has admitted in an interview that the war in Irak contributed to the emergence of the IS terror organisation. ... » more

3.  Večernji list - Croatia | 16/06/2015

Threat of new cold war in the Middle East

The division of the Middle East into Shiite and Sunni spheres of interest is a cause for great concern, the conservative daily Večernji List believes: ... » more

4.  Večernji list - Croatia | 10/06/2015

Erdoğan pinning his hopes on new elections

After the bitter losses of the Islamic-conservative AKP party in Sunday's elections Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is using every means at his disposal to ... » more

5.  Večernji list - Croatia | 28/04/2015

British parties stoking fear of Scots

In the final phase of campaigning for the UK general election on May 7 the liberal daily Večernji List notes a joint strategy pursued by ... » more

6.  Večernji list - Croatia | 07/04/2015

Obama really is a foreign policy visionary

The negotiators on Thursday reached an agreement on the basic points of a deal after the long years of conflict with Iran over the country's ... » more

7.  Večernji list - Croatia | 17/03/2015

States want arms deals rather than peace

The global trade in arms has grown 16 percent in the last five years, a report published by the international peace research institute Sipri on ... » more

8.  Večernji list - Croatia | 03/03/2015

Perhaps the US secret services killed Nemtsov

The murder of Boris Nemtsov is aimed at destabilising Russia and was perhaps even part of a conspiracy, the conservative daily Večernji List speculates: "Vladimir ... » more

9.  Večernji list - Croatia | 24/02/2015

Marina Šerić prays for Francis and Varoufakis

Pope Francis and Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis have more in common than it would seem at first glance, writes Marina Šerić, columnist for the ... » more

10.  Večernji list - Croatia | 03/02/2015

Syriza and Podemos don't want revolution

Greece's Syriza and Spain's Podemos are not communist parties but social democratic organisations along the lines of the British Labour Party under ex-prime minister Tony ... » more


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