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Žerdin, Ali

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Delo - Slovenia | 18/12/2015

Slovenians should say yes to gay marriage

Slovenia's citizens will vote in a referendum on gay marriage on Sunday. As such marriages represent just 0.014 percent of all forms of communal life in Slovenia, the fears of opponents should not be taken too seriously, the centre-left daily Delo believes: "Some people fear that if allowed to marry, even such a small number of people would endanger the traditional family. But if such a thing as the traditional family still exists at all, it can't be endangered by this. ... When the modern state tries to regulate interpersonal relations, it first determines what should be banned on the grounds that it is demonstrably harmful. What is not expressly forbidden is settled on the basis that it neither makes people's lives more difficult nor discriminates against them. And that is what the vote on Sunday is about."

Delo - Slovenia | 22/11/2013

Compensation for "erased" too little too late

The Slovenian parliament on Thursday approved the law on compensation to the country's so-called "erased" citizens. Roughly 12,000 people will receive 50 euros for each month during which they were not registered in the Slovenian population register. This meagre compensation comes far too late, the left-liberal daily Delo writes: "When a grave mistake [the erasing of people from the population register] was made in February 1992, there can be no mild words to describe the events of the next two decades. Because it then took Slovenia a whole 7,939 days to finally pass this law that at least partially repairs this injustice. This is not a mistake, but a catastrophe. If the European Court of Human Rights had not demanded that Slovenia redress this wrong and threatened with heavy financial sanctions, this massive and catastrophic human rights violation would have continued. ... And this scanty compensation for such a huge mistake now comes almost 8,000 days too late."

Delo - Slovenia | 24/08/2011

Slovenian website prevents corruption

The Slovenian anti-corruption authority launched its web portal Supervizor on Tuesday, which gives citizens an overview of public spending since 2003. The left-liberal daily Delo is full of praise: "Less than a year after Goran Klemenčič's team took over at the anti-corruption authority it has presented the public with an anatomy of the budget on the basis of existing legislation and without great promises or political marketing. Will this gigantic body of data shed light on crime or clientelism? For sure. But more importantly, anyone who spends public money will in future have to think twice about whether he gives it to friends or uses it for the public good."

Delo - Slovenia | 02/09/2010

Bombs against exploitive Slovenian company

A bomb was found on Wednesday in front of the headquarters of the Slovenian construction company Vegrad. The company is considerably in arrears with its employees and several subsidiaries. The daily Delo writes that the two facts are clearly related, and is not surprised that things have come to a head: "The former police chief and sociologist Pavle Čelikhas announced as early as the start of the 1990s that within a short time extreme forms of violence would emerge in Slovenia, including terrorism, if the country failed to get a grip on its increasingly large social contradictions. The statement by the security expert has proved wrong in part. Those who suffered the first social shocks in the 1990s have turned out to have more patience than expected. Nevertheless ... this bomb at the entrance to a business that has swindled hundreds of people is a clear signal that their patience is nearing an end. At least one person has clearly had enough. His dignity has been trodden underfoot."

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