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Ščerbinskis, Guntis

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Latvijas Avize - Latvia | 23/08/2015

Latvia must reduce pensioner poverty

In Latvia around 70,000 pensioners have signed a petition demanding an increase in their pensions. The national conservative newspaper Latvjas avīze doubts their demands will be listened to and criticises the state for tight-fistedness: "If there is one constant trend in Latvia, then it is poverty. The governments, their priorities, the geopolitical and the economic situations are all changing constantly, but poverty remains at the same level in Latvia. Most people are already used to living on the breadline, on the brink of starvation, or living from one pension payment to the next. … As soon as pensioners call for more money their situation is compared with that of families living in far worse poverty. ... But the constant, irrefutable argument that we cannot afford to live above our means is now under fire. All of those arguments lose their relevance when it comes to saving private banks."

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