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Şerban, Claudiu

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Capital - Romania | 20/07/2015

Johannis should stop blocking tax cuts

Romania's President Klaus Johannis refused last Friday to sign a law that would cut value added tax from 24 to 19 percent. The business paper Capital is singularly unimpressed: "What we need is for the government to create a framework for business so that it can generate prosperity. It is utterly counterproductive of Johannis to delay things now. Many people are saying that incidental wage costs should be cut, rather than value added tax. Others are already speaking out against the recent tax reduction on food products. They may all be right. But the point now is not where change begins, but that it begins at all. The left-leaning government's shilly-shallying - adopting liberal measures at the end of its term in office that are being blocked by a liberal president - must finally come to an end."

Capital - Romania | 08/08/2013

New IMF loans admission of failure for Romania

The EU and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) last week granted Romania a new loan for four billion euros, which Bucharest can access upon implementing further economic reforms. For the conservative business paper Capital the loan is proof of the failed economic policies of Victor Ponta's government: "Anyone who looks closely will see that the state budget is coming under increasing pressure, and that the macroeconomic stability achieved under the former governent of [Emil] Boc is in danger. Privatisations are going awry on a huge scale. Numerous mistakes were made when state companies were put into the hands of supposedly professional managements. ... All good reasons why the government must be supervised [by the EU and the IMF]. It's no surprise that a government led by a young man has its shortcomings. ... But what's truly alarming is its irresponsible approach to important matters."

Capital - Romania | 11/08/2011

A new start for the Romanian motorway

The Romanian Ministry of Transport last week cancelled the order for the construction of the 415 kilometre long Transylvania motorway due to long construction delays and cost overruns on the part of the US contractor Bechtel. The motorway was to connect Transylvania with neighbouring Hungary. The decision was long overdue, writes the weekly Capital: "The end of this cooperation is no doubt a good thing, because otherwise we would have buried billions of euros solely in the name of charity. Nevertheless the problem has not been solved. We need a motorway leading westwards. ... We started to build one, but even a construction worker could have worked out better conditions. As it is, eight years have gone by and we still share the same single lane towards Budapest with horse carts and lorries. ... But now we have the chance to get this motorway finished in the near future."

Capital - Romania | 05/07/2011

Romania's president earns pitiful sum

According to media reports, in 2009 the best-paid job in Romania was that of a manager of the Eximbank, who received 27,000 euros per month. The weekly Capital compares this with the monthly salary of the president of the country, who earns around 1,600 euros, and criticises the imbalance between performance and pay in Romania: "We all feel betrayed, dissatisfied and unmotivated. This makes us forget to praise ourselves for the results of our work. ... Therefore we need a comprehensive reform of the salary model. Those who really work should be better paid. We don't need more employees. It's better to have fewer who work efficiently and are well paid. ... A first step would be to raise the president's salary to a sensible level, because it's a matter of national honour that the president doesn't receive the same salary as thousands of other civil servants working for the state he is in charge of."

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