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Ene Dogioiu, Ioana

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1.  Ziare - Romania | 09/12/2015

Dream of jihad highlights adults' failures

A 17-year-old was arrested on Tuesday in the Romanian city of Craiova for purportedly writing on his Facebook page that he wanted to die as ... » more

2.  Ziare - Romania | 02/12/2015

New ministers exposed to bureaucracy sharks

The for the most part non-party affiliated technocrats in Dacian Cioloş' new government took office pledging to tackle the backlog of reforms needed in Romania. ... » more

3.  Ziare - Romania | 08/09/2015

The gang of criminals in Bucharest's town hall

Romania's anti-corruption agency arrested the mayor of Bucharest Sorin Oprescu on the weekend. He is suspected of taking bribes from companies in exchange for public ... » more

4.  Ziare - Romania | 21/07/2015

More civic courage to stop violence against women

Around 200,000 people in Romania have signed a petition for the arrest of seven teenagers accused of having abused and raped a girl in November ... » more

5.  Ziare - Romania | 26/05/2015

Migrants don't help Romania at ESC

With its song about the children of Romanian labour migrants, the band Voltaj had hoped to get extra points from Italy and Spain, where many ... » more

6.  Ziare - Romania | 18/05/2015

Tipping tax a sign of madness

Less than a month after introducing the tax on tips on May 1, the Romanian government plans to scrap it once more. The new regulation ... » more

7.  Ziare - Romania | 29/04/2015

Restart for Romania after fighting corruption?

While Rumania's anti-corruption authority DNA has demonstrated that its investigations are paying off and several politicians have been brought to trial, the conservative online portal ... » more

8.  Ziare - Romania | 22/04/2015

Romania's laughable tax lottery

The Romanian government plans to introduce a lottery to encourage consumers to ask for a receipt when they make purchases and thus curb tax evasion. ... » more

9.  Ziare - Romania | 04/03/2015

Blackmail journalism commonplace in Romania

Dan Diaconescu, a Romanian ex-politician and once a prominent media entrepreneur, was sentenced to over five years in jail on Wednesday. He was charged with ... » more

10.  Ziare - Romania | 17/02/2015

Romania lets its prisoners freeze

Romania's ex-Minister of Tourism Elena Udrea asked for permission to redecorate her cell at her own expense on Friday. She is currently in custody on ... » more


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