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Elsayed-Ali, Sherif

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The Guardian - United Kingdom | 04/06/2014

Refugees can't be held back

Vincent Cochetel, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, argued in the left-liberal daily The Guardian in favour of setting up holding centres for refugees in North Africa on the basis that such centres could prevent boat disasters on the Mediterranean. In the same paper Sherif Elsayed-Ali, deputy director of global issues at Amnesty International, disagrees: "If you're so desperate that you're willing to risk your life for the prospect of a job, the promise of spending months in a detention centre is unlikely to deter you from your ultimate goal. ... Instead of spending billions trying to keep people out, EU countries should bolster legal migration channels. They can start by increasing the number of resettlement places for refugees. EU countries should also band together to share the burden, rather than leaving a few to absorb most of the incoming migration while the rest look on."

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