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Ehrenberg, Johan

Gründer und Herausgeber von ETC

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ETC - Sweden | 02/04/2015

German conservatives bringing disaster on Europe

The conflict over the Greek debt and the conditions for further support from the Eurozone countries highlights how the ideas of Germany's conservative CDU ruling party dictate events in Europe, writes the left-leaning daily ETC: "Germany is pursuing an extreme economic policy that has been foisted on the rest of the EU, with mass unemployment, a shrinking public sector and tax cuts as the basic model for everyone. The only reason why Schäuble accepted the ECB's billion euro package for buying government bonds was the ban on the money being spent on state expansion or for Greece. And so the money will be transferred through the banks to an adventure-seeking financial market - or in other words to the stock markets. German policy is thus enhancing the speculation bubble all over Europe."

ETC - Sweden | 15/09/2014

Sweden's left wins but has little to celebrate

Fredrik Reinfeldt's liberal-conservative government suffered a defeat in Sunday's elections. The leader of of the Social Democrats Stefan Löfven will in all probability become the new prime minister. But the new governing party has little cause for celebration, the left-wing daily ETC concludes and points to the right-wing populist Sweden Democrats' almost 13 percent chunk of the vote: "For sure, the Reinfeldt era is over. And even if the Sweden Democrats won't be able to determine the political course they are big enough to prevent a change of system. We are facing four weak years and four years in which politics won't be able to protect those groups that really need support. Naturally we can celebrate Reinfeldt's departure. But the major task for the red-green government is to think about why they didn't get the support of the citizens."

ETC - Sweden | 25/07/2014

Johan Ehrenberg on melting nations

The independence movements in Scotland, Catalonia and eastern Ukraine have triggered a debate about whether in future there will be more nation states than there have been up to now. However the founder and publisher of the left-wing daily ETC, Johan Ehrenberg, sees the nation and nationalism as outdated concepts: "We live in nations that have become less and less interesting through globalisation and technology. A functioning local economy is more important for inhabitants than the Reichbank's defence of the 'Swedish currency'. A global environmental movement is more important for our future than an inquiry by the [Swedish] energy authority. Because the nations are growing weaker, nationalism is naturally gaining new breeding grounds. But it doesn't stand a chance if the socialists stress the need for federalism and cooperation. It is passé. It ended long ago, even if we haven't yet noticed the movement under our feet: the nations are softening and melting away."

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