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Eeckhout, Bart

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1.  De Morgen - Belgium | 12/01/2016

Beligium must collect missing tax revenues

After the EU Commission on Monday ordered Belgium to recover roughly 700 million euros given to businesses in the form of unlawful tax breaks, the ... » more

2.  De Morgen - Belgium | 08/01/2016

Free white West also sexist

Following the sexual assaults in Cologne, Belgium plans to introduce courses in which refugees learn how to deal respectfully with women. The left-liberal daily De ... » more

3.  De Morgen - Belgium | 26/11/2015

Belgians defy the panic-mongers

The Belgian government has said it has declared a state of emergency in Brussels because of the threat of terrorist attacks. But concrete evidence of ... » more

4.  De Morgen - Belgium | 25/09/2015

Carmakers cheating like bank managers

The scandal over manipulated emissions tests will hardly be confined to VW, the centre-left daily De Morgen believes, and compares it with the bank crisis: ... » more

5.  De Morgen - Belgium | 13/08/2015

Primark the symbol of an ignorant society

A new outlet of the cheap clothes chain Primark opened in Ghent on Wednesday. The centre-left daily De Morgen upbraids consumer ignorance: "Primark is a ... » more

6.  De Morgen - Belgium | 07/08/2015

Europe must open another door to migrants

In response to the refugee crisis Europe can do more than it perhaps thinks, stresses the centre-left daily De Morgen: "A common, generous policy that ... » more

7.  De Morgen - Belgium | 01/06/2015

Rule of law fails Van den Bleeken

Accoding to media reports the Netherlands will refuse to have Frank Van den Bleeken, a Belgian serial rapist and murderer who is sentenced to life ... » more

8.  De Morgen - Belgium | 28/05/2015

Cuts a disaster for Belgium's air safety

A power failure at the Belgian air safety company Belgocontrol paralysed air traffic in the country for hours on Wednesday. Flight safety is in danger ... » more

9.  De Morgen - Belgium | 22/05/2015

Lying energy minister is a security risk

Belgian Energy Minister Marie-Christine Marghem has admitted that she failed to properly inform parliament on the lifespans of nuclear power plants. She withheld the results ... » more

10.  De Morgen - Belgium | 16/04/2015

EU states must rethink refugee policy

In view of the latest refugee tragedy off the Italian coast the left-liberal daily De Morgen calls for a constructive migration policy: "Above all those ... » more


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