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Economist, The

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The Economist - United Kingdom | 15/11/2012

France's procrastinating is dangerous

Although France's economy unexpectedly grew by 0.2 percent in the last quarter, the liberal business magazine The Economist expresses concern about the country, where President François Hollande is refusing to engage in a debate over Europe: "At stake is not just the future of France, but that of the euro. Mr Hollande has correctly badgered Angela Merkel for pushing austerity too hard. But he has hidden behind his napkin when it comes to the political integration needed to solve the euro crisis. There has to be greater European-level control over national economic policies. France has reluctantly ratified the recent fiscal compact, which gives Brussels extra budgetary powers. But neither the elite nor the voters are yet prepared to transfer more sovereignty, just as they are unprepared for deep structural reforms. While most countries discuss how much sovereignty they will have to give up, France is resolutely avoiding any debate on the future of Europe."

The Economist - United Kingdom | 23/10/2012

Deadlock continues in US presidential race

Although the polls indicate that Obama won the third TV debate, the outcome of the elections remains entirely uncertain, the liberal business magazine The Economist writes: "Mr Obama's camp will be hoping that their man's victory in the final debate will have gone some way to rebuilding his lead among women voters, and shoring up his wafer-thin advantage in such key swing states as Ohio. The president did not hurt his cause overall, though there were moments when his aggression may have struck some viewers as too sharp. ... There will be no more face-to-face meetings now for Mr Obama and Mr Romney. Both men are off on gruelling cross-country tours that will last until election day on November 6th. After the race-altering shock of a disastrous first debate for the president, back on October 3rd, this third debate left the contest where it has been for some days: absolutely deadlocked."

The Economist - United Kingdom | 25/09/2012

Angry Muslims in the minority

Those who demonstrate against the anti-Islam film constitute no more than an angry minority, the liberal weekly magazine The Economist writes, and criticises coverage of the protests as exaggerated: "As with past incidents of what many Muslims see as Western attacks against their beliefs, similar scenes unfolded across the Muslim world, producing tragic results. The anger displayed at all these events was certainly real, and widely shared among Muslims. Yet the television coverage of protests obscured an obvious fact. As in many other protests across the region, the crowd at the fiery Friday sermon in Cairo numbered in the mere hundreds, in a space where throngs a thousand times bigger have become commonplace. In the midst of a city of perhaps 20 million inhabitants, the rest went about their business as usual. The number of youths who actually picked up rocks barely rose to the dozens. Their anger was aimed as much at the police as against 'the West'. The street-fighting looked more like a rowdy sporting event ... than a clash of civilisations."

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