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Šec, Karel

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Lidové noviny Blog - Czech Republic | 09/10/2008

Czechs discuss 160 kph speed limit

Politicians in Prague are currently discussing raising the speed limit on the country's motorways from 130 to 160 kph or more. Is this a case of "demagogy or pure stupidity on the part of the initiators?" Karel Šec asks in his blog. "There are reasons why we have a speed limit of 130 kph. If there is to be a change it should be to lower the maximum speed. In the latest major pileup on the Prague-Brno motorway (in which over 70 vehicles were involved) it was revealed that 60 percent of the lorry drivers and 70 percent of the car drivers were driving way too fast. It was snowing heavily at the time and visibility was extremely poor. Many Czechs don't slow down even when they can't see further than ten metres. These are the ones who, if the law is changed, will drive at 200 kph or more no matter what the weather conditions, their motto being: we've got everything under control." 

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