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Dündar, Uğur

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Sözcü - Turkey | 05/03/2015

Peace process leads to division of Turkey

Together with the HDP - which has close ties to the country's Kurdish population - the Turkish government presented a ten-point plan for a peace agreement with the banned Kurdistan Workers' Party PKK on Saturday. That can only destroy Turkey's unity, the Kemalist daily Sözcü warns: "Don't be fooled by statements that there will be a new constitution or that the power of regional authorities will be strengthened. They only serve as the introduction to a process that will lead first to the strengthening of the provinces, then to a provisional federal state, and finally to some of our provinces in the east and southeast joining a greater Kurdistan. Forget all the fine words: this is the ultimate goal that this package of measures will lead to. And the most important step in this process is the liberation of [PKK leader] Öcalan and his entry in politics."

Sözcü - Turkey | 03/07/2014

Iraq crisis threatens Turkish unity

Since the advance of the radical islamic Isis militia the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan has been regarded as an island of stability in northern Iraq, encouraging the hopes of many Kurds for independence. The crisis in Iraq could mean not only the collapse of Iraq and Syria but also of Turkey, the Kemalist daily Sözcü fears: "Just three weeks ago our Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu was saying that Iraq is not in a state of chaos. Now he says the crisis is on our doorstep. At the same time, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced that the time is right for an independent Kurdish state. The deputy chairman of the [Turkish governing party] AKP, Hüseyin Çelik,shares his view, saying: 'If a state of Kurdistan is established in northern Iraq, they are our brothers.' By the looks of it, at some point in the future a Kurdistan will be proclaimed part of the Turkish federal system too."

Cumhuriyet - Turkey | 06/05/2014

Kurdish movement opens up to Muslims

In Diyarbakır, the largest city in predominantly Kurdish south-eastern Turkey, a "Democratic Islam Congress" is taking place for the first time. The imprisoned PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan came up with the idea for the congress last autumn and it is being organised by organisations with close ties to the PKK. The congress is just as important for opening up the Marxist-secular Kurdish movement as for Öcalan's moves to position himself, the Kemalist daily Cumhuriyet observes: "We have already seen how much clout Öcalan has on many issues: blood feuds, women's status, the return of PKK members [from Iraq to Turkey], the founding of new parties, the selection of candidates. Now Öcalan is moving into the area of religion and opening up to Islam for discussion. Messages signalling a democratic Islam are being spread: the idea that we are not just at the mercy of 'head-chopping Islamists' and that this religion is not what it perhaps seems to be. We should pay attention to Diyarbakır on the weekend. A centuries-old debate is being started afresh."

Sözcü - Turkey | 20/11/2013

Erdoğans green light for Greater Kurdistan

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan used the word Kurdistan on the weekend to indicate the region that has until now been referred to in Turkish as Northern Iraq. He is the first high-level Turkish politician to do so. This break with a taboo has met with considerable approval, but also criticism from nationalist circles. The Kemalist daily Sözcü, which is critical of Erdoğan's government, accuses the prime minister of doing all he can to up his chances in the 2014 presidential elections: "He is distributing gifts to every circle that he thinks might vote for him. That's why he's now calling Kurdistan a global project. He unscrupulously takes every step necessary to get him into the presidential palace. ... Erdoğan will go down in history as the first prime minister of the Republic of Turkey to give the green light for a Greater Kurdistan - and thus for the division [of Turkey]."

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