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Drozdowski, Stanisław

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Super Express - Poland | 20/08/2014

Poland once again sacrificed for Russia

Merkel on the weekend rejected proposals for the permanent stationing of soldiers in the Baltic states, referring to the Nato-Russia Founding Act of 1997 in which the Alliance agreed to limit troop deployments in the region. The conservative tabloid Super Express is nagged by age-old fears: "For Merkel Putin is more important than the EU, of which Germany is a member. ... It's clear that we're being sold yet again - this time in the name of the economic and political interests of Germany and Russia. For Poles that brings to mind traumatic experiences. Memories of the Second World War and the historical divisions of Poland should suffice here. This is both painful and frustrating. We're powerless and angry. Particularly because there's practically a war going on in Ukraine, our neighbour to the east."

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