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Droit, Emmanuel

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Le Monde - France | 15/01/2016

Emmanuel Droit hopes Merkel will remain the "Anti-Le-Pen"

In response to the refugee policy defended by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the president of the far-right Front National Marine Le Pen styled herself at the start of October as an "Anti-Merkel". Historian Emmanuel Droit hopes in the centre-left daily Le Monde that the chancellor will remain an "Anti-Le-Pen": "At the start of 2016 Angela Merkel and Marine Le Pen continue to symbolise two political projects for Europe. With their political actions, their rhetoric and different attitudes they illustrate an unprecedented dividing line between a post-national, open Germany on the one hand and a nationalist France that is increasingly tempted to seal itself off from the rest of the world on the other. Rather than capitulating in the face of fear and far-right populism, Angela Merkel must stand her ground. The attacks in Cologne must not allow emotions to win out over sound policy. Germany must not abandon its culture of welcoming or join France on the path of fear. ... But Germany can't do everything on its own. It needs a certain type of France at its side, a generous and tolerant Marianne with whom it can work together to bring about a European integration policy.

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