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Domnisoru, Ciprian

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Voxpublica - Romania | 16/10/2013

Romanians can prevent fracking

For the second day in a row hundreds of environmental activists gathered in the eastern Romanian village of Pungeşti to protest against the plans of US energy corporation Chevron to explore for shale gas reserves in the area. Such protests can achieve their goals, political analyst Ciprian Domnisoru notes on the blog portal Voxpublica, pointing to the UK: "On August 16 the English police urged a company to restrict or postpone its activities as long as the village of Balcombe was full of environmental activists and demonstrators. After two months of protests the Cuadrilla company withdrew. At the peak of the protests around 1,000 demonstrators were gathered in a camp; in Pungeşti 300 had already come together on the first day. ... The difference here is that Chevron has already parked its equipment on the land of a relative of the [social-democratic] PSD deputy district assembly chief, and the drilling will begin on land that belongs to the PSD mayor of the community. ... This 100-percent PSD deal will go ahead if the Romanians don't start showing solidarity with the residents of Pungeşti."

Voxpublica - Romania | 01/03/2013

Romanians against Ponta's shale gas plans

Several thousand people protested in the Romanian city of Bârlad on Wednesday against plans by the US energy giant Chevron to look for shale gas in Vaslui county. The political scientist Ciprian Domnisoru welcomes the protest on the news blog Voxpublica: "There is a proven risk that shale gas extraction pollutes both the air and drinking water. The parliament has refused to call [Prime Minister] Ponta to account for abolishing the moratorium [that was to be in effect long enough for the environmental risks to be evaluated], and now these polluting mining activities can take place next to villages and beaches. If lobbyists are allowed to call the shots, the citizens should call Ponta to account. Now the people of Bârlad have done just that. ... How can you trust a prime minister who now has an American US lobbyist on his team [former US general Wesley Clark has been advising Ponta on economic issues since June], and has suddenly declared in the international press that Romania will focus on shale gas production?"

Voxpublica - Romania | 07/09/2012

New vocational exam helps young Romanians

Not even half of the twelfth grade pupils in Romania passed their university entry qualification exam this year. The Romanian Senate's education committee has therefore presented a plan to introduce a vocational school-leaving exam which would qualify pupils for vocational training, but not for university studies. Ciprian Domnisoru of the web portal Voxpublica hopes that the Senate will vote in favour of the proposal on Monday: "The state must offer young people the opportunity to prove their skills in the university entry exam. … But when 50 percent of them fail the exam, then there are obviously young people among them who lacked the subject-specific knowledge or never had the skills to pass the exam. They will now fumble around on the job market. Therefore [Education Minister] Ecaterina Andronescu's idea of introducing a vocational school-leaving exam is a welcome proposal. … If these exams become compulsory, plumbers and waiters will later have a diploma that distinguishes them from those who didn't make an effort for the school-leaving exam and never wanted to learn how to set up their own business."

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