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Dizdarević, Zlatko

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1 article of this author has been cited in the European Press Review so far. - Croatia | 10/09/2014

Zlatko Dizdarević on the West's invasion of Russia's back yard

The West is obscuring the facts in the debate about the Ukraine conflict because it alone is to blame, columnist Zlatko Dizdarević writes on the liberal web portal "Put simply, the West entered Russia's 'back yard' and penetrated right up to its national border. It was not Russia that crossed the border into the West's sphere of influence, or 'back yard'. ... The peaceful relations between Russia and the West lasted a quarter of a century, and were ended unilaterally by Washington. The precise agreement reached with Gorbachev was trampled underfoot. In the course of the fall of the Berlin Wall and reunified Germany's accession to Nato, the US secretary of state at the time, James Baker, declared very precisely that Nato would not move 'one inch' eastwards towards the Russian border. With the prompt accession of the former 'Eastern countries' to the EU and Nato this promise was betrayed step by step. The debate about Ukraine joining the EU was only aimed at opening Ukraine's door to Nato, and that was the famous last straw for Russia. Thus Russia's entire security strategy has changed."

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