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Dimitris, Plakoutsis

Naftemporiki, Greece

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Naftemporiki - Greece | 14/08/2014

Protect Greek farmers from trade war

Greek farmers are also feeling the consequences of the mutual sanctions imposed by Russia and the West. Fruit and vegetables make up 40 percent of Greek exports to Russia. The conservative daily Naftemporiki believes both the EU and the Greek government should take swift action: "We hope the EU will compensate everyone who is hit by the embargo. The EU and the European Commission underestimated the impact of the Ukrainian crisis from the start. ... On the other hand the Greek government must be quicker to implement the reforms it agreed on with the troika, and attract foreign investments because they can bolster economic growth in the long term. ... At the moment, as the country fights its way out of the long and painful years of crisis, it can't afford any mistakes that could undermine the country's future. That's the least the state can do for those who have patiently suffered the consequences of austerity."

Naftemporiki - Greece | 12/11/2012

Greece has done its duty

The Greek parliament approved the 2013 budget on Sunday night. With its green light for the 13.5 billion euro austerity package it fulfils the second prerequisite for receiving further emergency loans. But there is little expectation that the next instalment of 31.5 billion euros will be released at the meeting of the Eurozone finance ministers this Monday. The conservative daily Naftemporiki reminds the EU partners of their duties: "Our country has fulfilled all its obligations and is now waiting for feedback from its creditors. … But up to now it doesn't look like they will react any time soon. This delay is probably a result of the power struggle in the Eurozone. And naturally it is also connected to the technocratic debates and controversies over what to do about Greece's debts and further financial requirements. But these issues should have been resolved long ago and should not now serve as an excuse for delaying the country's financing. … Today our EU partners have the chance to demonstrate their solidarity."

Naftemporiki - Greece | 07/12/2011

Athens trims costs to get fit

The Greek parliament passed on Tuesday night its budget for 2012, which includes tax hikes, privatisations and drastic cuts in the public sector. The conservative business paper Naftemporiki welcomes the measures as an important step out of the crisis: "The budget includes important measures both for the state's revenues and its expenditure. ... The targets are not based on optimistic prognoses for gross domestic product growth. They are based on structural reforms the implementation of which the troika sees as absolutely crucial. ... For these reforms are aimed at creating the conditions for the country to consolidate its budget."

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