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Petibatya, Blogger

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Hírszerző - Hungary | 05/04/2010

Blogger Petibatya on the anti-democratic aspects of the parties

Blogger Petibatya writes about the shortcomings of representative democracy in his blog Democrácia és közjó on news portal Hírszerző: "As a subsystem of society the parties are clearly to be regarded as anti-democratic phenomena that contain the seeds of an open or concealed dictatorship in relation to the entirety of the system. ... Let's just take a look at the generally known practices of the parties: once a political force rises to power its decisionmakers not only distance themselves from their voters but also from the rank and file of the party itself. In this way independent decisionmaking centres emerge that are difficult or impossible to control. ... The experiences of the past also show that representative democracy based on parties lacks the possibilities to resolve the countless local problems that arise in the different regions of the world."

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