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Delastik, Giorgos

Journalist, To Ethnos

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1.  Ethnos - Greece | 02/09/2015

Greeks pay more taxes and get less pay

Even though their incomes have gone down by 30 percent on average over the last five years, the Greeks will have to pay higher taxes ... » more

2.  Ethnos - Greece | 07/07/2015

Greek crisis: Greferendum buries old political system

The old political class in Athens is also on its last legs after the Greek referendum, columnist Giorgos Delastik comments in the centre-left daily Ethnos: ... » more

3.  Ethnos - Greece | 05/05/2015

Tsipras failing on election pledges

The government under Alexis Tsipras has implemented hardly any of its campaign promises after almost 100 days in office, the left-liberal daily Ethnos criticises: "We ... » more

4.  Ethnos - Greece | 05/01/2015

Voters can't trust Papandreou anymore

Former Greek prime minister Giorgos Papandreou founded a new party called the Movement of Democratic Socialists on Saturday. But it is unlikely to be successful ... » more

5.  Ethnos - Greece | 16/02/2014

MEPs too late with criticism of troika

A report by the Socialist MEP Alejandro Cercas decries the negative impact of the troika's activities. The report, which was approved by the Parliament on ... » more

6.  Ethnos - Greece | 18/07/2013

Giorgos Delastik tells Berlin to take hatred seriously

Berlin should take seriously the growing hostility felt towards Germany by the Greeks and other Europeans, warns columnist Giorgos Delastik in the left-liberal daily To ... » more

7.  Ethnos - Greece | 23/06/2013

Dimar's withdrawal weakens Samaras' government

The left-leaning party Dimar party withdrew from the Greek coalition government led by Antonis Samaras owing to the dispute over the public broadcaster ERT on ... » more

8.  Ethnos - Greece | 05/05/2013

Europe's mountain of debt still growing

The public debts of the EU member states further increased last year. According to the current figures put out by the Eurostat statistics office, their ... » more

9.  Ethnos - Greece | 17/04/2013

Greek crisis making football fans aggressive

During a home game on Sunday between the reigning football champion AEK Athens, which for the first time in its history is facing relegation, and ... » more

10.  Prin - Greece | 17/02/2013

Cypriots resigned to their fate

The winner of the first round of the presidential election, Nikos Anastasiades, will drag the country into an abyss, the left-leaning weekly newspaper Prin fears: ... » more


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