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Del Sol, Chantal

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Le Figaro - France | 24/03/2015

Only Front National tells people the truth

The Front National is so popular because it doesn't gloss over the truth, the conservative daily Le Figaro explains: "The rise of the FN is due neither to its programme nor to the talent of its leaders, but to the common sense it displays while the people are being called on to act as if they were living in a fictitious universe. The FN is a party that dares to say that the emperor has no clothes on. For so long we have been living in an enchanted kingdom where the facts are hidden and unpleasant data is hushed up.In today's France the rift between the elites and the people focuses on the question of reality. It is striking to see that the programmes of the established parties on the left and on the right focus almost exclusively on stopping the FN from gaining power. French political life is completely caught up with this goal, to the astonishment - and the annoyance - of the people who encounter far more important problems in their daily lives."

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