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Decouty, Éric

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1.  Libération - France | 17/11/2014

French judiciary debunks pseudo moral apostle

According to media reports, the accountant of the French entrepreneur and conservative politician Serge Dassault has attested in court that he procured at least 53 ... » more

2.  Libération - France | 10/11/2014

Sarkozy can play the victim again

The chief of staff of France's presidential palace, Jean-Pierre Jouyet, announced on Sunday that the former French prime minister François Fillon forced him to speed ... » more

3.  Libération - France | 29/09/2014

Victorious UMP must fear Front National

In the French senate election on Sunday, two representatives of the far-right Front National (FN) won seats in the French upper house for the first ... » more

4.  Libération - France | 26/06/2014

Time for a shift to the left

Europe's leftist heads of state and government should hold firm on their terms for Juncker's nomination and then jointly develop a programme for Europe's future, ... » more

5.  Libération - France | 26/05/2014

Front National virus spreading

The right-wing populist Front National outshone the traditional parties in France, winning almost 25 percent of the vote. For the left-liberal daily Libération, only a ... » more

6.  Libération - France | 23/05/2014

Copé must divulge purpose of UMP expenditures

The leader of the conservative UMP, Jean-François Copé, thanked the press on Thursday for new revelations in the scandal over cronyism in his party. The ... » more

7.  Libération - France | 04/05/2014

European elections: Politicians must keep the dream of Europe alive

The left-liberal daily Libération has carried out a survey on the French people's attitude to Europe. The poll shows that a majority of French want ... » more

8.  Libération - France | 05/03/2014

Sarkozy's clan mired in scandals

The weekly paper Le Canard enchaîné published on Wednesday excerpts of conversations in the Elysée secretly recorded in 2011 by Patrick Buisson, advisor to President ... » more

9.  Libération - France | 13/01/2014

The First Lady does not share leadership

The fact that Hollande's partner Valérie Trierweiler has repeatedly and publicly interfered in the president's affairs runs counter to his demand for respect of the ... » more

10.  Libération - France | 07/01/2014

Arguments the best weapon against anti-Semitism

Shortly before the start of a tour by the French comedian Dieudonné, Interior Minister Manuel Valls wrote in a circular to the country's prefects that ... » more


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