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Decker, Markus

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Berliner Zeitung - Germany | 17/07/2015

Merkel's reaction highlights inhumane refugee policy

At a televised meeting with teenage girls in Rostock Angela Merkel met a 14-year-old whose family from Lebanon is facing deportation. The recording of the show has triggered fierce online reactions describing the chancellor's reaction to the crying teenager as clumsy and heartless. For the centre-left daily Berliner Zeitung the encounter highlights above all the inhumanity of Germany's refugee policy: "Merkel was hardly able to offer young Reem any prospects of real help without seeming hypocritical or overstepping her competences. … More than anything else this encounter shines a spotlight on refugee policy. Because firstly it's inhumane to leave people in uncertainty about their future status for years on end. And secondly, the east in particular could do with young girls eager to learn - and perhaps their parents too. If the dividing lines between asylum and immigration laws were more fluid, something unbureaucratic could perhaps be done here. But because those lines aren't fluid the chancellor reacted as she did."

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