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de La Grange, Arnaud

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Le Figaro - France | 11/09/2014

Anti-terror strategy comes far too late

Obama's new anti-terror strategy comes far too late, the conservative daily Le Figaro complains: "'Our goal is clear', the US president announced. But what comes next is less so. It is based on an unlikely coalition of countries with conflicting interests, all of which have at some point supported one or another of the players in the big Middle Eastern game. ... The plan foresees attacks in Syria that could have been carried out a year ago; support for a dying breed - the moderate Syrian rebels - which could also have been given months ago; and strengthening the Iraqi army, a measure that should have been carried out ten years ago. All this wasted time! ... The number of hot spots where intervention is needed is increasing. And Obama hasn't even dared to predict a short war."

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