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Al-Sherian, Dawood

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Al Arabiya - United Arab Emirates | 09/06/2015

Global perspectives: Ankara's Syria policy won't change

The speculation about whether the election results in Turkey will change the country's attitude to the war in Syria is unfounded, journalist Dawood Al-Sherian writes on the website of the Dubai broadcaster Al-Arabiya: "The talk about a fundamental change in Turkish foreign policy is wishful thinking. Turkey's foreign policy interests don't change with the party in power. Perhaps what does change is the way these interests are pursued. Maybe Turkey will pay more attention to the interests of the Kurds in Syria and acknowledge the liberal and secular groups that play a role in the Syrian civil war. But for reasons having to do with its regional interests Turkey will maintain its rejectionist stance regarding Bashar al-Assad's regime and continue to support those who oppose it."

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