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Davvetas, Demosthene

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Les Echos - France | 27/08/2015

Can Tsipris fool the Greeks?

With last week's resignation Greece's ex-prime minister Alexis Tsipras wants to hold early elections while public opinion is still in his favour, Demosthene Davvetas, a former advisor to his conservative predecessor Antonis Samaras, has said. But his gamble could backfire, the liberal daily Les Echos believes: "By calling elections so soon after the first tranche of the bailout was paid and before October, when the people will start to feel the brunt of the reforms, Alexis Tsipras wants to take advantage of the still positive mood to secure his grip on power. In so doing he is pinning his hopes on popular dissatisfaction with the corrupt political system and the established political parties. But will that work now that he himself has acted like those he denounced and signed a third unbearable memorandum? He himself started the countdown, and in so doing he looks very much like a representative of the system that the people have rejected until now."

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