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Dahl Hansen, Karin

Redakteurin für "Leib und Seele" bei Kristelig Dagbladt

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Kristeligt Dagbladet - Denmark | 28/11/2015

Time for climate-friendly Christmas presents

With Black Friday at the end of last week the Christmas shopping season began for many Europeans. The Christian-influenced daily Kristeligt Dagblad calls for restraint - also in the interest of climate protection: "While the Danes, the Europeans and the Americans start stashing away electronic devices and designer fashion and order so much stuff on the Internet that the websites are overloaded, the Climate Change Conference is kicking off in Paris. There, the leaders of this world are trying to reduce environmental pollution in a bid to stop global warming. That in itself is a paradox. Nevertheless it is obvious that Western consumption is incompatible with a climate-friendly lifestyle. ... Perhaps we should think twice before rushing headlong into our Christmas shopping. Because perhaps we could spread just as much joy with a home-made gift, the promise of a visit or a present bought at a second-hand store."

Kristeligt Dagbladet - Denmark | 17/09/2010

Media must help preserve the Danish language

Several institutions have launched a campaign for preserving the Danish language in Denmark. According to the Christian daily Kristeligt Dagblad the media in particular has a key role to play in this effort: "Some have more responsibility than others. When everyone uses the standard language, lingual beacons become all the more important. The media bears great responsibility here. It is important that news editing departments at radio and television stations use good and grammatically correct Danish. ... There is also room for improvement as regards the language used by newspapers. It's an illusion to believe that spelling programmes and electronic dictionaries can replace proofreading, and this phenomenon is at its worst in the fast media. Here news reports are delivered by the minute and this naturally requires proper language usage - something that we see is not always the case when we take a good look at ourselves."

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