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Czarnecki, Ryszard

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Gazeta Polska Codziennie - Poland | 18/05/2015

EU mustn't make Poland bear colonial burdens

Individual members of the Polish government have voiced opposition to the proposed EU quota system for refugees and called instead for refugees to be taken in on a "voluntary" basis. However an official statement has yet to be released. Europe's ex-colonial powers are now called on to pay the price for their colonial past, the nationalist conservative daily Gazeta Polska Codziennie argues: "So the EU wants to make us a gift of refugees from Africa. Perhaps the PO government should finally state its position here. ... Perhaps it has forgotten that Poland never had any colonies like France, Germany, Belgium or Italy did, which ultimately contributed to their current wealth. These countries must now shoulder the burden of their colonial past. They shouldn't try to pass it on to others. Poland is one of the six poorest states in the EU. Why should we have to pay for the problems of the old and rich EU states?"

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