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Collins, Philip

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The Times - United Kingdom | 04/12/2015

Syria mission exposes Britain's self-centredness, writes Philip Collins

The heated debate that preceded the vote in the House of Commons on whether Britain should deploy fighter jets in Syria revealed how self-centred British political decision-making is, writes Philip Collins, columnist for the conservative daily The Times: "It was a debate about eight planes, not the Battle of Britain. The raids would have taken place with us or without us and all the bloody rhetoric of the Stop The War sympathisers is self-regarding and parochial. Most foreign policy debates, in a small nation, have a hint of self-indulgence, as if the world awaited our verdict, and this one had little else. … The vote will not change the situation in Syria very much. The politics of Britain, and the other democracies, are a long way from accepting the protracted civil involvement in other nations that is the obvious concomitant of military adventure. The world has lost the capacity even to think like this and the debate is bound to be parochial. As long as that remains so, debates on foreign policy will be more about us than they truly are about the world."

The Times - United Kingdom | 08/05/2015

Labour never stood a chance with left-wing agenda

In a conservative country like Britain the defeat of the Labour Party with its decidedly left-wing demands in this election comes as no surprise, writes the conservative daily The Times: "You cannot win an election in Britain, even in a fractured landscape, as the beneficiaries of a defunct electoral system on an avowedly left-wing prospectus. ... There is no genuine appetite in this country for rent controls and price commands. If you scare business you frighten the people who work for businesses. If you make it plain that you relish high taxation, do not be surprised if people look elsewhere. Tony Blair used to win big majorities. He always maintained that this is, in its heart, a conservative country. You cannot pretend this law has been repealed. It hasn't."

The Times - United Kingdom | 11/10/2012

Cameron should learn from London's mayor

After the speech delivered by British Prime Minister David Cameron on Thursday at the Conservative Party's annual conference in Birmingham, the conservative daily The Times complains about the lack of originality among today's politicians. Cameron would do well to emulate London's punchy Mayor Boris Johnson, the paper writes: "With the media on constant alert for gaffes, politics is more minutely choreographed than ever. Any word out of place will be seized upon as evidence of dissent. In these circumstances the incentive to be dull is high and some politicians need no incentive. The lesson of Mr Johnson is that the language of politics does not have to be colourless and that character is something you have, not something you talk about."

The Times - United Kingdom | 24/02/2012

West must fight the Syrian beast

Representatives from 60 countries will meet with the Syrian opposition today in Tunis today, Friday, to discuss solutions to the violence and the humanitarian crisis in Syria. Following the death of the two Western journalists Marie Colvin and Rémi Ochlik the West is obliged to act, writes the conservative daily The Times: "The practical arguments against military intervention in Syria are overwhelming. But there is a lot that can be done short of marching in. The success of our intervention in Libya and the absence of intervention in Syria is redeeming the argument that was lost in Iraq. The lesson is simple. If you take on a fascist you get chaos. If you don't take on a fascist you get chaos. It's the nature of the beast and sometimes we forget that it's the fascist that's the beast, not us. We're better than that and in our actions we will show it."

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