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Coleman, Shane

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The Irish Independent - Ireland | 23/06/2015

Confrontation course has hurt Athens

The Greek government's aggressive confrontation tactics in the wrangling with its creditors have achieved nothing and caused a lot of damage, columnist Shane Coleman writes in the conservative daily the Irish Independent: "Syriza's tactics have run into a brick wall. Banging the table, or megaphone diplomacy, has got it nowhere, serving only to harden attitudes in Brussels, Frankfurt and New York. The public language being used about Syriza - best encapsulated in IMF chief Christine Lagarde's comment about the need to negotiate with 'adults in the room' - is unprecedented in the history of the EU. ... The cold, hard truth is that banging the table when you're a small country, without the means to raise money, and with a banking system wholly dependent on outside funding, is pointless."

The Irish Independent - Ireland | 08/01/2014

Migration debate shouldn't be taboo in Ireland

In many countries of Europe there is a lively debate over the pros and cons of immigration within the EU. In Ireland, by contrast, the issue is not even being discussed, columnist Shane Coleman complains in the conservative daily the Irish Independent: "To be fair, things have gone pretty smoothly. But it would be sticking our collective heads in the sand to think there weren't problems or resentments, particularly in less prosperous areas. And ignoring those difficulties won't make them go away. However unpleasant the debate may be at times in the UK, it's surely better (particularly given the strength of the pro-immigration argument) that they're having one. Political correctness seems to have dictated that on this side of the Irish Sea anyone even raising the issue of immigration is out of bounds."

The Irish Independent - Ireland | 18/12/2012

Irish abortion law won't survive

The Irish government announced on Monday that it would reform the abortion law. In October a pregnant woman had died after being denied an abortion despite suffering complications. Public pressure will force the Labour Party to find a reasonable solution, the left-liberal daily Irish Independent hopes: "The budget is gone (though certainly not forgotten) but the abortion issue has the potential to propel the government out of the frying pan and into the fire. The cabinet meeting this morning will consider the various recommendations of the expert group on abortion. And it is widely expected to agree to a combination of legislation and regulations to deal with abortion where there is a threat to the life of a mother. ... That will please Labour. Anything less would be unthinkable for its TDs. Given the fallout from the budget, Labour needs a result on this. And it will get it."

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