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Clement, Rolf

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Deutschlandfunk - Germany | 25/07/2015

Nato needs clear Turkey strategy

In the fight against the IS Nato must establish a clear stance towards its member Turkey, demands the public broadcaster Deutschlandfunk in the run-up to Tuesday's talks: "It is clearly in the interests of the alliance to fight IS. Politically speaking, Nato is not only obliged to step in to help Turkey, but Turkey must act in Nato's interests as far as possible. Nato's partners are supporting the Kurds in northern Iraq, but at the same time their positions are being attacked by Turkey. In this way the image of a united Nato is fraying at the edges. Nato needs to take action here. It has to make it clear that the fight against the IS must be fought together. Nato must stand united. But the fight must be a creative one. This terrorist gang cannot be defeated with bombs alone."

Deutschlandfunk - Germany | 04/09/2014

Nato fooling around with double strategy

At its summit in Wales today, Nato aims to decide on the formation of a rapid deployment force that would be ready for combat within a few days. At the same time the Alliance wants to adhere to the Nato-Russia Founding Act according to which Nato troops may not be permanently stationed in Eastern Europe. An unconvincing double strategy, the public broadcaster Deutschlandfunk criticises: "The goal [of the Founding Act] was to appease exaggerated fears on Russia's part that Nato troops would be stationed close to its borders. Now, however, Russia is the one whose troops are moving ever closer to Nato's. That shakes at the very foundations of this agreement. This is no time for tricks: clarity must prevail. The agreement doesn't have to be terminated; it could just be suspended. However playing tricks by changing bandages seems a little ridiculous. ... Nato still hasn't entirely fixed its new goals. The time has come for it to do so at this summit."

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