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Chohin, Christophe

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Le Quotidien - Luxembourg | 11/12/2015

COP21 comes too late for many island paradises

The environment minister of Barbados, Denis Lowe, said on Thursday at the COP21 in Paris that his country and other Caribbean states would not sign a climate agreement that would represent the certain extinction of their people. But few will heed his words, the centre-left daily Le Quotidien complains: "Poor Denis Lowe, whose outcry will fall on deaf ears. Because the powerful of the world only care about statistics and climate predictions, and could hardly care less about saving what can no longer be saved. What's important to them is signing a document tonight that will release them from responsibility for a year until COP22, which is set to take place next year in Morocco. ... In one year's time Tuvalu, Kiribati, the Maldives and other island paradises will have lost over ten square kilometres of land to the sea. For them there is no longer any hope - no matter what the final agreement of COP21 looks like."

Le Quotidien - Luxembourg | 01/07/2015

Greeks can end Europe's lost wanderings

Brussels could be forced to make a necessary change of course if the Greeks reject the creditors' offer in Sunday's referendum, the centre-left daily Le Quotidien comments: "The European left hopes that the Greeks will vote no. That would be a clear sign that the austerity, rigour and blindness that for years have determined the fate of the people of Europe are no longer called for. How can one trust a troika that for years has been sinking the Greek ship? ... If the Greeks say no on Sunday they won't be saying no to Europe: they'll be rejecting the vision of the world that led them into the abyss. Without wanting to absolve them of their responsibility, this no won't fail to open Brussels' closed doors. And it will force Europe to listen to new ideas that are no doubt needed because today's model is no longer tenable."

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