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Chatzistefanou, Aris (Greece)

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Infowar - Greece | 21/09/2015

Only Tsipras can do what troika demands

Sunday's election result is good news for the creditors who brought Alexis Tsipras to agree to their terms, the alternative website Infowar explains: "Without doubt the true winners of the election are Berlin and Greece's creditors. Not because now there is only one party in parliament that opposes the austerity programme, namely the communists, but because Tsipras is the only politician who can implement the inhumane austerity programme demanded by the troika. It was always the 'Socialists' and the social democrats who undertook such difficult tasks in the past - tasks which the right-wing parties couldn't have pushed through without major resistance from the people. The [social democratic] Pasok party presided over the largest number of privatisations in the history of this country. Pasok allowed Greece to be smashed to pieces against the rocks of the euro. Pasok brought in the troika for the first time and turned Greek into a debt colony."

Infowar - Greece | 29/08/2015

Why media should show dead refugees

Greek columnist Aris Chazistefanou has come under fire for posting images of dead refugee children on Twitter on Saturday. Now Chazistefanou defends his position on the alternative web portal Infowar: "I've received dozens of threatening messages from people who call me inhuman and shameless. ... As a journalist I grew up with a quote by Middle East correspondent Robert Fisk: 'If we journalists had shown a true picture of war, there would no longer be any wars.' ... When corpses are washed up on your shores because the leaders of the political and monetary union that you support cling to the idea of Fortress Europe, you must be informed of the practical repercussions of this policy. If you don't want to know anything about it, then you can simply block me on Twitter and Facebook. And then you can also demand that no one show you images of the Holocaust."

Infowar - Greece | 29/07/2015

Greek crisis: Legal action against Varoufakis scandalous

According to media reports the opposition in Greece wants to see former finance minister Yanis Varoufakis prosecuted over his plans to introduce a parallel payment system in the country. The initiative is a further blow to democracy, the alternative website Infowar comments: "Today Varoufakis needs everyone's support. Because if he is prosecuted it won't just be the prosecution of a former finance minister or economist, it will be the prosecution of a man who dared to rebel against EU dictatorship. … If he is put on trial it would mean that any alternative plan to escape the crisis would be directly or indirectly criminalised. So far those who talked about an exit from the Eurozone have either been sacked (for example journalists) or sidelined (academics and politicians). In future they will also be brought to book by a self-appointed 'judiciary'."

Infowar - Greece | 20/11/2014

Aris Chatzistefanou on the EU's tolerance of the far right

Giorgos Karatzaferis, chairman of the far-right party Laikós Orthódoxos Synagermós (Laos) and coalition partner of the former government under Lucas Papademos, must soon answer charges of accepting bribes and other irregularities in court, it was announced on Wednesday. Columnist Aris Chatzistefanou takes the opportunity to examine why the EU is willing to tolerate the far right on web portal Infowar: "As in Ukraine, where Brussels brought the nationalist Svoboda to power with the help of local oligarchs, the troika and the banks have also pushed through the participation of Karatzaferis in the coalition government in Greece. ... To enforce its austerity policy the EU needed an elected prime minister supported by a broad coalition that also included the far-right and junta-friendly party. ... That was the moment when far right and junta-friendly elements of Laos like Adonis Georgiadis and Makis Voridis [today health minister] were allowed to join forces with the governing Nea Demokratia."

Infowar - Greece | 18/04/2013

Modern slavery in Greece

In the Greek town of Nea Manolada, three foremen shot at illegally employed migrant strawberry pickers when they demanded their wages for the last six months. More than 30 workers - most of them Bangladeshis - were wounded in the shooting. The leftist news portal writes that modern slavery is an open secret in Greece, from which all society benefits: "Everyone knew what has been going on in Nea Manolada since the mid 90s. Because Manolada stands not only for the crisis, but also for the 'strong Greece' of the stock market, the Olympic Games and the government model of Kostas Simitis and Kostas Karamanlis. The migrant slavery represented what was possibly the strongest force of the bubble-economy that hid for years behind the 'strong euro'. ... Everyone knew about it, from the prime minister right down to the graveyard shift at the local police station. Entire villages woke up in the morning to send slaves from Bangladesh and Pakistan to work in their fields."

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