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Cassese, Sabino

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Corriere della Sera - Italy | 15/07/2015

Greek crisis: For Sabino Cassese the EU has shown its democratic mettle

Europe has taken a step forwards thanks to the Greek crisis, constitutional judge Sabino Cassese writes in the liberal-conservative daily Tageszeitung Corriere della Sera: "The Greek drama has shown that, more than just the trust of its people, a government needs the trust of the other European governments. The relationship of legitimacy and responsibility between the government and the governed also spreads horizontally and affects all members of the large EU community. As a union of mutual obligations the EU can prescribe rules for all members and demand that they be respected. This is why it is wrong to talk of violated state sovereignty. … The doubled responsibility was essentially precisely what the founding fathers of Europe wanted: they believed that national sovereignty was no longer enough and that democracy needed to be enhanced with new elements. … This allows a broader political community to make its voice heard in each of the collectives that belong to the community, to set criteria and stipulate rules and to grant power and limit it, which is ultimately the goal of what we call democracy."

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