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Caruso, Raul

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Avvenire - Italy | 24/11/2015

Dangers of drone war underestimated

Four former US Air Force drone pilots have written an open letter to US President Obama, the US secretary of defence and the CIA chief warning that drone wars promote the recruitment of new terrorists and destabilise the world. The use of drones is counterproductive, the Catholic daily Avvenire concurs: "In addition to armed conflict, war strategy has always been also about conquering hearts and minds. In other words, those waging the war have always relied on communication and in many cases on propaganda to show their motivation in the conflict in a positive light, hoping that this will secure them the population's support. But the use of drones, which dehumanises the already brutal practice of war, is currently making it very difficult to conquer hearts and minds."

Avvenire - Italy | 14/10/2014

Money alone won't help Gaza

In their efforts to rebuild the Gaza Strip the Palestinians can count on international aid amounting to 4.3 billion euros. 450 million euros will be provided by the EU, EU Foreign Affairs Representative Catherine Aston said at the donor conference in Cairo. But the money is of little use as long as Israel continues to block the Gaza Strip, the daily Avvenire comments: "What the Gaza Strip blockade means in practice is a classic system of economic sanctions that forces the population to their knees while those in power drive around in limousines. ... So the danger exists that the financial aid will also only benefit a small circle while the bulk of the population go away empty-handed. To understand the damage caused by the combination of financial aid and sanctions it's enough to recall Iraq under Saddam Hussein. The sanctions together with the aid programme 'Oil for Food' only consolidated his hold on power. The tragic consequences of that are still clearly visible today."

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