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Carp, Radu

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Blog Adevărul - Romania | 25/01/2015

EU must promote itself in Moldova

The Moldovan parliament gave the green light for a minority government on Friday, two months after the elections. The Liberal Democrats and the Democratic Party, both pro-European, will form a government tolerated by the Party of Communists. Political scientist Radu Carp writes in the blog of the liberal-conservative daily Adevărul that the EU must do more to put itself in a good light in the country: "The Communists haven't really been in the opposition since 2009. The Democratic Party PD [the former ruling party] has always pursued a double strategy: its party leader comes from the Communists and its oligarch Vlad Plahotniuc does business with the Communist party leaders. ... Now the Communists will have more influence in the government, but not much. ... But what should the EU do to make sure the country sticks to its reform course? It should start an official campaign to make the advantages of EU membership clear. ... Because what matters is not which party is in power in the Republic of Moldova but what programme it stands for."

Blog Adevărul - Romania | 11/12/2014

Dangerous flashpoint in west Ukraine

Since December 6 armed rebels have occupied an administrative building in the Vinnytsia region in west-central Ukraine. The rebels have declared Alex Furman of the right-wing extremist Svoboda Party the new "governor of the region". Writing on the blog of the liberal-conservative daily Adevărul Romanian political scientist Radu Carp sees this as an extremely dangerous development: "The time and place of this attempt to destabilise western Ukraine are by no means pure coincidence. The Vinnytsia region is within the sphere of influence of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and the new chairman of the Ukrainian parliament, Volodymyr Groysman. ... Ukraine can't fight on three fronts at the same time: in the south (Odessa), in the west (Vinnytsia) and in the east (Donetsk and Luhansk). ... In the Vinnytsia region too, [Kremlin boss] Putin will apply the same strategy he has used so far. But because he is cooperating with the Ukrainian right-wing extremist Svoboda Party there, it's not so easy to detect his behind-the-scenes influence."

Adevârul - Romania | 09/07/2013

Romania must revise new constitution

The Venice Commission of the Council of Europe concluded last week that a draft for a new Romanian constitution contains democratic deficits. The final judgement, which the Commission is expected to present in September, is likely to be so scathing that the amendments will have to be reworked from scratch, political expert Radu Carp writes on the blog of the daily Adevărul: "So in autumn we would realise that the only solution is to reinitiate the constitutional revision process on a genuinely democratic basis, taking the views of all citizens into account. If we don't accept this we'll live in a political regime in which the constitution can no longer apply because it contains rules that are unclear. So we'd land in a state of anarchy with unforeseeable consequences. And no one has an antidote to that - neither the Venice Commission nor the European Commission nor we ourselves."

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