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Çalışlar, Oral

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Hürriyet - Turkey | 12/01/2016

1990s-style witch hunt in Turkey

Investigations were launched on Monday against the Turkish television station Kanal D after a caller in the popular programme Beyaz Show on Friday demanded more attention be paid to civilian casualties in the Kurdish conflict in the south-east of the country. The conservative daily Hürriyet warns of a witch hunt: "Accusing the presenter of an entertainment show of engaging in propaganda for a terrorist organisation although he has nothing whatsoever to do with it is unacceptable. ... In their fight against terror, some forces in the state are harking back to a trend that follows the state logic of the 1990s. No one can claim that this stance led to success in the past: in this respect the 1990s were both unsuccessful and painful. Trying once again to curtail freedom and gag critical voices will be of no avail."

Hürriyet - Turkey | 25/08/2015

Peace calls must not exclude PKK

Selahattin Demirtaş, head of the pro-Kurdish HDP, has demanded that the PKK stop the violence in Turkey without any ifs or buts. The demand comes late, but is the right thing to do, writes the conservative daily newspaper Hürriyet: "It is impossible to stop this bloody process by simply ignoring, underestimating or trivialising the PKK attacks. Of course, we citizens can also demand that the state, the other side of this tragedy, put a stop to the violence. We can declare that this problem cannot be solved with bombs. We can demand that a solution be found in accordance with the existing laws. ... But such declarations of peace, of which the PKK makes no mention, seem typical for Turkish pacifism. Real pacifism is independent of political parties and directed against all those who resort to violence and the use of weapons and act illegally."

Radikal - Turkey | 09/02/2015

Even AKP worried about Turkey's polarisation

Turkey's Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç has warned of the division of Turkish society. One half elects the ruling AKP party while the other half detests it, he said in an interview with CNN Türk on Saturday, and urged the AKP to adopt a conciliatory rhetoric. The liberal online paper Radikal is surprised at his openness: "Arınç points to the polarisation of society and is aware of the risks this entails. ... When such an important AKP politician makes a statement like this one can't help but ask what it means and whether he is expressing a trend within the party or simply his own personal stance. At least we can conclude that a large part of the AKP and its leadership is particularly concerned about social polarisation. Arınç's statement 'It is necessary to avoid escalating tensions in politics' can be seen as a trend that will not be ignored."

Radikal - Turkey | 05/08/2014

Western media arrogant regarding Turkey

"Erdoğan - the New Sultan!" is the title story of the latest edition of Der Spiegel magazine, fitting in perfectly with the image of Turkey that prevails in the West, the liberal web magazine Radikal comments in annoyance: "Admittedly Turkey has a good few problems: influencing of the press, legislation and everyday life, uniform parties and its party laws, the constitution, the demands of the Alevis which are ignored, demonstrators who have lost their lives due to police brutality, hundreds of imprisoned youths and much more. ... But the big picture is different. Turkey is on the brink of the biggest conciliation in its entire history with the Kurds. How does this fit in with the picture of an expanding dictatorship that is hostile to freedom? And how can we explain the important legislation regarding the Armenians and other minorities? And also as regards civil society progress has been made. ... In the presidential elections the people will now have their say. Or should it be someone else who has their say as far as the West is concerned?"

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