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Calabresi, Mario

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La Stampa - Italy | 03/09/2015

Don't avert your eyes from misery

The image of the dead boy whose body was washed up on a beach on Turkey's Bodrum Peninsula has gone viral on the social media. Mario Calabresi, editor-in-chief of the liberal daily La Stampa, defends his decision to publish it on the front page: "Not showing you this picture would have meant turning a blind eye and pretending nothing had happened. Not publishing it would only have meant pulling the wool over our own eyes and prolonging our ignorance by another day. That's why I changed my mind. Respect for this child, who together with his parents, brothers and sisters fled a war that is being waged on our very doorstep, demands that we should all realise what is going on. It demands that each and every one of us should stop for a moment and take stock of what is happening on the beaches where we spent our holidays. After that you can go on with your lives, perhaps outraged at my decision, but no longer ignorant of the situation."

La Stampa - Italy | 06/09/2012

The First Lady's amazing transformation

At the Democrats' national convention Michelle Obama presented her husband as the champion of the middle class who remains unchanged despite his position of power. The liberal daily La Stampa points out how much she herself has changed: "Four years ago, before she moved into the White House, Michelle Robinson [her maiden name] was a woman of radical convictions. She didn't mince her words, she was ironic, sarcastic and made no bones about lambasting the US. … On the stage at the Democrats' convention in Charlotte, however, she spoke quietly and softly, at times almost whispering her soothing words. A perfect First Lady, who like Laura Bush or Hillary Clinton is forced to deny any will for reform and to swallow humiliations to save her husband's presidency. … She left the stage to deafening applause, but with a bowed head and non-triumphant. Perhaps in the awareness that she [and not her husband] was the true revolution, a girl from the black ghetto at the heart of white power. And that all has not been lost yet."

La Stampa - Italy | 15/12/2010

Egocentric politicians unleash violence

The riots on the streets after Silvio Berlusconi's successful confidence vote in the chamber of deputies, the lower house of the Italian parliament, is the consequence of an egocentric political class that has lost contact with the people, the liberal daily La Stampa writes: "The politicians, barricaded inside the government palace, are settling accounts among themselves. Outside, the city is burning and the doors of the palace have been bolted shut. It's about dividing two worlds that seem to live light years apart. ... [and] scenes of violence that hark back to the 1970s. But we should be looking to London ... and Athens, and all those places where youths are using violence because they have lost touch with the parties, because they are convinced they have the right to give free reign to their anger about a life without a future or security. ... The youths who are playing war with helmets, petrol and truncheons may not represent the rest of the population, but politicians would do well to look behind the fiery scenes and discover the silent and resigned majority that no longer has the strength even to have illusions."

La Repubblica - Italy | 01/04/2009

Obama looks elsewhere for success

The left-liberal daily La Repubblica writes that the summit in London only occupies an important place on Barack Obama's agenda in Europe because it offers an opportunity to establish fresh contacts with Russia and China: "People in Washington have realised that there will be no European economic stimulus plan, that Germany and France will continue to cling to their positions, and that if Barack Obama insists that Europe modify its economic policy he will only chalk up a defeat. ... Consequently he will be looking elsewhere for success. Above all he will focus on his meeting with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, to bring about a new thaw in relations. ... And in his talks with China the American president wants to broaden dialogue beyond purely economic issues and discuss topics such as climate protection and North Korea."

La Repubblica - Italy | 22/08/2008

Revolution on the art market

La Repubblica comments on the changes which are shaking up the international art market and causing US collectors and gallerists to fall behind. The developments are also being felt by European art, the paper writes: "To understand the concern felt by Americans over the weak dollar and the new rich from Russia, China and Saudi-Arabia, one need only take a stroll through the Rockefeller Center, a deeply symbolic building and home to Christie's auction house. .. The auction market is flourishing, however no longer in New York but in Dubai and Hong Kong. The buyers are the same ones buying up British football clubs, Manhattan skyscrapers and villas on the Italian Costa Smeralda. ... The king is Russian magnate Roman Abramovich. ... [And yet] the revolution in the art market which is so worrying America can also be an opportunity for European art."

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