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Cacciari, Massimo

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La Repubblica - Italy | 21/07/2015

Greek crisis: Massimo Cacciari on the lack of German authority

The accusation that Germany aims to establish itself as the leading power in Europe through its dominant role in the Greek crisis is unfounded, philosopher Massimo Cacciari argues in the centre-left daily La Repubblica: "Our drama is perhaps the very opposite of what the naïve who are still under the spell of the imperialist myths fear. It is not an excess of German authority that is destroying Europe but rather the opposite, a lack of it. People everywhere believe they are subject to the supposed hunger for power in a country where that desire is in fact entirely lacking, and which confines itself to managing crises without pursuing any geopolitical strategy. … We can only talk of pluralism if it presents itself in a unified form, if it is led by a structure. … The only structure that is available today, however, is a financial administration structure that will never be legitimised in cultural policy terms. … But who is envisioning the authority and sovereignty of a politically united new Europe today, and working towards that goal? … Germany doesn't seem to be doing so - unfortunately."

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