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Bątkiewicz-Brożek, Joanna

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Gość Niedzielny - Poland | 16/04/2013

Same-sex marriage will hurt French children

After the National Assembly, the French Senate also approved the country's controversial bill on same-sex marriage on Friday. The draft must now be discussed a second time in parliament before it becomes law. The national-religious Polish website Gość Niedzielny fears for the well-being of children who in future could be adopted by homosexual couples: "The real drama is not the arrogance of those in power. Because 55 percent of French people do not accept this new definition of marriage. Millions signed a petition and sent it to the National Assembly. And millions went out to demonstrate on the streets - all to no avail. ... No, the real drama is much more the horror that the sexual minority wants to impose on society's most defenceless. The children of France face the threat of adoption by gays and lesbians. If these children are raised right from the start by two people who are most definitely not a role model for the family, what will the consequences be?"

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