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Bruveris, Vytautas

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1.  Lietuvos rytas - Lithuania | 25/07/2015

Lithuania must help its sailors

Five ships of the debt-ridden ship company Lietuvos jūrų laivininkystė, which is largely owned by the Lithuanian state, have been stuck in various foreign harbours ... » more

2.  Lrytas - Lithuania | 26/01/2015

Kiev needs military victory

The Ukrainian port of Mariupol was bombarded by missiles from the areas controlled by pro-Russian separatists on Saturday. At least 30 civilians were killed in ... » more

3.  Lietuvos rytas - Lithuania | 26/11/2014

Grybauskaitė's mistaken anti-Russian polemic

The president of Lithuania, Dalia Grybauskaitė, described Russia as a terrorist state in a radio interview last week. Lithuania's politicians and media suspect this is ... » more

4.  Lietuvos rytas - Lithuania | 01/07/2014

Xenophobia alarm in Lithuania

In Lithuania only 15 percent of those entitled to vote took part in a referendum aimed at extending a ban on foreigners buying land in ... » more

5.  Lietuvos rytas - Lithuania | 18/12/2013

Lithuania's leadership aiming for Brussels

Lithuania's ruling parties recently published their preliminary lists of candidates for the European elections next May. Many of the candidates already hold government posts in ... » more

6.  Lietuvos rytas - Lithuania | 29/07/2013

Homophobic Lithuanians fear gay apocalypse

The gay parade "Baltic Pride" took place in Vilnius on Saturday. The heavy protests that it triggered provoke a sarcastic tirade from the liberal daily ... » more

7.  Lietuvos rytas - Lithuania | 21/05/2013

Lithuania's national stadium a bottomless pit

The Lithuanian Interior Minister Dailis Barakauskas promised on Monday that the construction of the national stadium in Vilnius, which was begun in 1987, will be ... » more

8.  Lietuvos rytas - Lithuania | 13/05/2013

One-sided adulation for Lithuania

Lithuania's president Dalia Grybauskaitė was awarded the Charlemagne Prize 2013 in the German city of Aachen on Thursday. The liberal daily expresses surprise at all ... » more

9.  Lietuvos rytas - Lithuania | 27/11/2012

Lithuanian ministers need clean bill of health

According to news reports, Lithuania's President Dalia Grybauskaitė will personally test the English skills of ministerial candidates starting today. And rightly so, the liberal daily ... » more

10.  Lietuvos rytas - Lithuania | 15/11/2012

Lithuanian politicians ham it up

The last session of the old parliament took place in the Lithuanian Seimas on Wednesday. The liberal daily Lietuvos rytas can only shake its head ... » more


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