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Brown, Andrew

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The Guardian - United Kingdom | 05/01/2016

Öresund ID checks destroy vision

The reintroduction of passport controls for people travelling to Sweden from Denmark comes as a major blow to the European Union, the centre-left daily The Guardian rails: "The Öresund region, which straddles Sweden and Denmark, has been lauded the world over as a successful example of how businesses, civil society and people can integrate across national and cultural divides. Education, business, work and love have made the region fuse. With ID checks, this vision and reality will effectively be sabotaged. … It's absurd to think that, all of a sudden, the clock has been turned back to an era when Europe didn't exist, and that the isolation of nations is seen as a logical and pragmatic alternative. A borderless Europe cannot be a dream reserved for times of perfect peace."

The Guardian - United Kingdom | 18/03/2010

Guilty clerics must resign

The Primate of the Catholic Church in Ireland Cardinal Seán Brady, who has come under fire for forcing two victims of abuse to take a vow of silence in 1975, has said he will only resign on the request of the Pope. But the cardinal should show a sense of responsibility, writes the daily The Guardian: "The ... Church itself has been badly damaged, morally and politically by the attitude that secular society should have no role in judging the transgressions of priests. That clearly underlay the decision of the court to treat this as a matter of internal discipline only, and it remained vivid in the Vatican until much later. ... The church needs to make a public, decisive, and irrevocable repudiation of that attitude, and Brady is in a position to make it."

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