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Brill, Paul

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De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 06/04/2011

The best is not always good

The intervention of French and UN troops in the bloody power struggle unfolding in Ivory Coast was unavoidable, writes the daily De Volkskrant: "Just like in Libya this raises the question of whether the international community is not in fact intervening on behalf of one of the conflicting parties under the pretext of protecting the people. The answer is yes. This in turn poses the question: What would be the alternative? Gbagbo is a president without legitimation. He must leave the stage if there is to be at least some prospect of restoring peace in Ivory Coast. ... There is no option but to let France, the old colonial power, make the best of it, or at least prevent the worst. For in view of the atrocities that were obviously committed by Ouattara's troops during its capture of the western town of Dvékové no one can entertain any great illusions about what will come after power changes hands."

De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 31/03/2011

Help for the opposition is risky

If the international alliance starts supplying the Libyan rebels with weapons it will be taking a number of risks, the leftist daily De Volkskrant warns: "It is becoming clear that with their limited materials and inexperience the rebels will not be able to contend with the heavy artillery of Gaddafi's experienced troops. It will take more than the no-fly zone to prevent the rebels from losing the battle. But must they be armed to be able to win the war? This would require a large-scale support operation that includes training in how to use the weapons. And that could suck the coalition much deeper into the Libyan conflict than it already is. Moreover there is the danger that modern weapons could fall into the hands of groups that perhaps later won't be so keen on freedom and democracy. The Americans of all people know very well that not every enemy of the enemy is a friend."

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