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Brandstätter, Helmut

editor-in-chief Kurier

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1.  Kurier - Austria | 24/03/2015

Germany the wrong scapegoat

It's wrong of the Greek government to heap blame on the Germans for their economic power, the daily Kurier writes and calls for more honesty ... » more

2.  Kurier - Austria | 08/01/2015

Europe's Muslims must resist

Europe's Muslims must reject violence and show more tolerance after the attack in Paris, the daily Kurier urges: "Muslims must be able to tolerate criticism ... » more

3.  Kurier - Austria | 24/11/2014

EU finally clamping down on Google

According to media reports the European Parliament is considering a proposal for splitting up Internet giants like Google. The idea would be to separate these ... » more

4.  Kurier - Austria | 29/09/2013

Grand coalition in Vienna must renew itself

The grand coalition in Austria was barely able to maintain its parliamentary majority in Sunday's elections. In view of its lacklustre performance the liberal daily ... » more

5.  Kurier - Austria | 30/07/2013

Germany's managers play by their own rules

The Siemens supervisory board announced the early departure of its chief executive Peter Löscher on the weekend. The Austrian-born Löscher is being forced to leave ... » more

6.  Kurier - Austria | 23/03/2013

EU should have cooperated with Russia

The Cypus crisis would have been a chance for the EU to cooperate with Russia in tackling tax evasion by rich Russians, the liberal daily ... » more

7.  Kurier - Austria | 05/07/2012

Embarassing ESM debate in Austria

The Austrian parliament voted in favour of the ESM bailout fund and the fiscal compact on Wednesday. But the heated debate in the National Assembly ... » more

8.  Kurier - Austria | 13/07/2011

Putting banks in their place

After causing the euro crisis the international banks and rating agencies must be kept on a tight rein, writes the left-liberal daily Kurier: "For days ... » more

9.  Kurier - Austria | 25/10/2010

Helmut Brandstätter on identity, integration and patriotism

In order to have a sensible debate on integration one must properly define the goal of that integration, in other words those things that can ... » more

10.  Kurier - Austria | 05/10/2010

Europe loses out to Asia

Forty-six Asian and European states met in Brussels this week for the eighth Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM). The daily Kurier sees the summit as a sad ... » more


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