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Bouvet, Laurent

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Slate - France | 20/09/2014

Sarkozy comeback no blessing for the left

France's ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy confirmed his return to politics on Sunday in a televised interview. But the return of the Socialists' favourite foe is by no means good news for the left, the online magazine Slate warns: "His return is bad news because it's also the return of anti-Sarkozyism and of the left's ideal adversary. ... If anyone, Sarkozy is the man who can rekindle the Socialists' hopes for [the presidential elections of] 2017 and make them forget the economic and political reality. … Above all, Sarkozy is an excuse for them to be intellectually and politically lazy. … But while he's their favourite enemy he's also their greatest threat: both the perfect bogeyman and the man who stopped them from asking serious questions about political responsibility. It was he who prevented the left from trying to think through a social project that would mobilise popular support in the long-term."

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